Strata and Condo Associations

For your Strata and Association needs Cascade Painting have the ability and experience to give you a worry free experience and a product that lasts
Strata projects are always an exercise in finding the best possible solution that achieves an end goal that is both pleasing and acceptable to the majority of the members and within budget.

With this in mind Cascade Painting can help you with the decisions that get rid of those outdated colours but give you the most durable products within your price range.

We are freely available for all your initial meetings and discussions often with other trades as most projects involve the trades working round each other in a smooth seamless fashion.

When it comes to colour and finishes we can make sure you achieve the best use of available light and get a product that is pleasing to the eye and makes ongoing maintenance easy and less expensive.

We have the experience of working around other trades to keep any delays to a minimum and make sure there is a smooth transition from one process to the next as the painting side tends to span all the other processes.

We give advance notice to all strata owners and tenants of when and where we will be working trying to accommodate any special needs if they arise as we go along.The idea is to be as unintrusive as possible on the everyday running of the strata.

At the end of the project we have a final walk through to make sure you are happy with the finished article and if you have any issues afterwards we pride ourselves on coming back and rectifying any deficiencies.

With the peace of mind of our WCB coverage and full liability insurance coupled with our two year warranty we believe you won’t be disappointed with choosing Cascade Painting.