Our Process

1. Initial contact to set up a date and time to meet

2. Walk through consultation with work description and discussion of other work that might be going on at the same time

3. Prioritizing important areas and timescales to make sure work runs smoothly

4. Choosing colours and paints for different areas

5. Agreeing the price to make sure the product fits the budget

6. Your contribution, moving the small or delicate things before the work starts, we will handle the heavy stuff

7. Giving notice to owners or tenants of work to be carried out in their area, if applicable

8. Drop sheeting floors and covering surfaces in the painting area

9. Taking off switch covers, socket covers, door handles etc. and storing safely for replacement when work is finished

10. Preparation of surfaces by washing if necessary then scraping, sanding, priming, filling and caulking

11. Priming any stains, new drywall or wooden surfaces if necessary

12. Painting initial coat of paint stain etc. on ceilings, walls or exterior walls

13. Checking surfaces for any missed areas that need filling or caulking

14. Filling, sanding, caulking all trim

15. Putting initial coat on trim

16. Applying final coat to ceiling, walls or exterior walls

17. Applying final coat to trim doors etc.

18. Clearing up work site to customers satisfaction

19. Having walk round of site to inspect work and sign off on job

20. Ongoing work throughout project.
Keeping site clear and tidy at the end of day, informing relevant people of work to be carried out in their area.